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2016 Calendar of Events

***to be announced***




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** indicates suggested dates for region


Jan 10-12               Minneapolis, MN    Log & Timber Home Show


Jan 17-19                 Atlanta, GA **

Log & Timber Home Show


Jan 24-26                 Columbus, OH

Log & Timber Show (Johnson)


Feb 1-2                     Lexington, KY 

Log Home Shows (Patterson)


Feb 7-9                     Kansas City, MO

Log & Timber Home Show


Feb 14-16                Nashville, TN**

Log & Timber Home Show


Mar 13-14               Oneida TN**

2-Day Construction Class  


Mar 14-16               Marlborough, MA   Log & Timber Home Show


Mar 15-16               Fredericksburg, VA Log Home Shows (Patterson)


Mar 21-23               Indianapolis, IN      Log & Timber Home Show


Mar 28-30               Allentown, PA        Log & Timber Show (Johnson)


Apr 12                  Oneida, TN**              



Apr 25-27                Lakeland, FL           Log & Timber Home Show


May 16-18              Lake George, NY    Log & Timber Show (Johnson)


Jun 2-3                   Oneida, TN**

2-Day Construction Class      

**Designates JBLTH sponsored event


Jim Barna Log & Timber Homes -  Wall Construction

Part 1 of 6

Click on picture for
Part 1 of the Wall & Corner Construction How-To.


The Jim Barna Log & Timber Home Construction Course and Events
For log home owners, builders and industry salespeople


The curriculum is diversified, offering classroom to hands-on experience, reading plans and construction drawings, cutting rafters, log wall erection and fastening, wiring a log home, exposed beam floor and roof construction and allowance for settling.
Other topics include mortgage and construction financing, insurance, and log home maintenance. Tools, equipment, safety wear, and take-home construction manual are provided.

(Tuition includes all course materials, manuals, meals and lodging.)

*Dates subject to change please check with your distributor to verify dates.

Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes
Plant facility (Hwy 27 N)
Bear creek Road
Oneida, TN


Dates subject to change please check with your distributor to verify dates.  



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