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As with any home, maintenance is required to protect your investment from the elements, such as wind, sun and rain. Logs exposed to these elements are vulnerable. The best way to properly maintain your log home begins with design choices that minimize log exposure and provide protection from the elements. Consider adding roof overhangs and extending porches and pay special attention to the side of your log home that has the greatest exposure to sun—it needs the most protection.

Log home maintenance is no more difficult than caring for a stick-built house; it's just a different process. Maintain your log home regularly. Basic log maintenance means cleaning your log home every 2—3 years. Develop a schedule for recoating logs based on the manufacturer's instructions and warranty guidelines as well as the needs of the home's exterior. All finishes wear with time—look for differences or bubbles in the finish, especially on the sunny side of your home. Always use the same products used in the first treatment and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

A log home is a unique product. Discuss your maintenance project with your Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes distributor or the manufacturer of the preservatives or sealants you are using—both have the experience to guide you in the right direction.



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